Last week, in my August 7, 2012 post, I reported on a new class action filed against AIG/Chartis involving the subrogation “made whole” doctrine.  A recent Florida federal district court decision in a putative class action on this issue is significant because it struck the class allegations on the pleadings.

In Vandenbrink v. State

I recently came across two new class action filings against insurance companies that may be of interest to readers of my blog.  One case involves whether it is appropriate to depreciate labor costs in estimating actual cash value.  Another case involves the application of the “made whole” doctrine, where applicable, to insurers’ handling of subrogation

Insurance companies’ subrogation departments are rarely faced with class action lawsuits regarding their practices, but such cases occasionally arise.  The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently upheld the dismissal of a class action focusing on whether an insurer was entitled to reimburse only 90% of the insured’s deductible where the insurer had recovered 90% of its loss