Discovery disputes in class actions often focus on plaintiffs’ requests for computer data regarding putative class members’ claims, and how far defendants need to go in providing such data. An Illinois federal court recently addressed this in an employment class action. The key takeaways from this opinion are that: (1) a defendant was not required

At the Federation of Defense and Corporate Counsel (FDCC) annual meeting, I recently attended an excellent program on predictive coding presented by Howard Merten of Partridge, Snow & Hahn in Providence, RI, Matt Nelson of Symantec, and Magistrate Judge Andrew Peck of the Southern District of New York (who has written a leading article and

I recently posted about a new article in the Defense Research Institute’s For the Defense publication, addressing the apex doctrine, in which courts have placed limits on depositions of senior executives of corporations and high-ranking government officials.  Shortly after publishing that post, I came across a new decision by the West Virginia Supreme Court