The Defense Research Institute (DRI) will be holding its annual class action seminar on July 23 and 24, in Washington, D.C. I’ve attended this program every year since its inception, and have served on the planning committee for several years. The program has continually improved year after year.

This year’s program will feature, among other sessions:

  • a discussion with Judge Posner of the Seventh Circuit regarding attorneys’ fees in class actions
  • a program on class action mediations with retired Judge Diane Welsh
  • a discussion with Judge Robert M. Dow, Jr., a member of the Rule 23 Subcommittee to the Advisory Committee on Civil Rules, regarding the proposed rule changes (see my May 4 blog post for a summary of those)
  • a session by Supreme Court litigator Andrew Pincus on “no injury” classes and Article III standing, which will be the subject of Spokeo v. Robins, to be decided by the Supreme Court next Term (see my May 1 blog post for more on that)
  • a session on managing media relations in class actions by Richard Levick (I heard him speak on this subject several years ago and he was excellent).

I hope to see you there.