Readers of my blog may be interested to know that I recently published an article entitled “Defending Class Actions on Coverage Issues” in For the Defense, a publication of the Defense Research Institute.  The article discusses pros and cons of various strategies for defending insurance coverage class actions, including: (1) seeking resolution of a coverage issue before discovery through a motion to dismiss or a motion for summary judgment on the named plaintiffs’ claims; (2) demanding appraisal or arbitration of the named plaintiffs’ claims; (3) moving to strike the class action allegations based on the pleadings; (4) seeking a case management order requiring phased and limited discovery on class certification issues; and (5) preemptively filing a motion to deny class certification before completing discovery and before the plaintiffs’ attorney files a motion for certification. 

If any of you have thoughts on what I have to say in the article, or things I’ve left out, e-mail me, I welcome a dialogue on this.